MAT CLUB BONUS CARD is full of benefits, promotions and surprises. Get it now at your favorite MAT. SHOP and stay tuned on MAT.BLOGZINE for weekly updates.
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Surprises and gifts from mat. fashion for bonus mat. club cardholders!
Also a special discount on your birthday.


The holders can be informed at any MAT SHOP about the current offer.
Also they enjoy unique services and products from selected partner companies just by showing the card.


Exclusive information and invitations for events, fashion shows and activities of the mat. fashion.


Each season the first 2 club members who have accumulated the most points are rewarded with rich gifts (only in MAT SHOPS that in reward points program is available). Also online draws offer prizes to bonus mat. club cardholders.

Personal Styling

In particular MAT SHOPS and in specific days there is a completely free of charge styling service from a qualified fashion consultant. So you can make your purchases according to what suits your body type and without getting needlessly out of your budget. The meeting with the fashion consultant is by appointment.

To inquire about anything that concerns you, please, contact mat. fashion's customer service department at . We will be happy to assist you further. You can also visit our website or join us on Facebook

In case of loss or theft of your card, contact the store you received the card so as to cancel and replace it. Also when changing your data, please let us know by visiting your closest MAT. SHOP.

Mat Club Terms of Use
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